The Bhakti Vault


The Bhakti Vault is a digital library of literary artifacts by H.G. Vaiśeṣika Dāsa, including lecture transcripts, power-phrases, analogies, and more. It also includes Śrīla Prabhupāda's literary artifacts, such as his books, transcripts, and letters. This archive has a robust search engine and allows users to save and collect artifacts.

The Bhakti Vault is a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about the teachings of H.G. Vaiśeṣika Dāsa and Śrīla Prabhupāda. It can be used for literary service or for self-learning.

Please note that this website is still under development, and you may find some things that are broken or incorrect. We appreciate your patience and feedback as we continue to improve The Bhakti Vault.


Our Team

Mayank Agrawal, Balaram Behera, Rasa-sindhu Dāsa, Mādhava-prema Dāsa, Śyāmalangī-devī Dāsī, Kiran Lekkala, Avantika Sharma, and Tejes Srivastava.

If you are interested in helping this project grow, please reach out to any one of us.

Version History

We are currently offering our Beta Version since April 9, 2023. We plan to release Version 1 on October 7, 2023.

July 2023 - User Authentication Update

  • Work In Progress

June 2023 - Apache Solr Search Engine Update

  • Work In Progress

May 2023 - SQL Database Migration Update

  • Work In Progress

March 2023 - Whisper AI Update

  • Includes OpenAI's Whisper generated transcripts for H.G. Vaiśeṣika Dāsa's talks.
  • This model may be more capable than the current Otter.AI solution, especially with Sanskrit.
  • Library hosts two versions of every transcript generated by both Whisper and Otter.AI.

March 2023 - Passage Artifact Update

  • Includes new artifact type of Passage which covers analogies, power-phrases, stories, excerpt, quotes, and passages.
  • Users can post rich-text content with their Passage.
  • This artifact's interface establishes our artifact creation, maintenance, and deletion frameworks.

February 2023 - Search & Filtering Update

  • Robust full-text search index with fuzzy string matching.
  • Supports artifact-based filter options such as types, titles, and transcription models.
  • Supports user-based filter options such as authors, speakers, and publishers.
  • Supports time-based filter options such as spoken and published dates.
  • Responsive design with MUI drawers and icons.

November 2022 - Prototype Website

  • Lightweight intuitive user interface focused on efficiency.
  • Basic search engine built on MongoDB Atlas Search with Apache Lucene.
  • Search filtering functionalities based on artifacts, types, and dates.
  • Sample content population scraped from Vedabase for Bhagavad-gītā and Śrīlā Prabhupāda's transcripts and Otter AI for H.G. Vaiśeṣika Dāsa's transcripts.

August 2022 - Database Design

  • Robust NoSQL database design to support all types of artifacts: books, chapters, sections, texts, letters, transcripts, passages, songs, and questions and answers.
  • Two collection design for metadata and content for efficient text indexing.
  • User-centric design for future content creation and adaptation capabilities.
  • The database is hosted on MongoDB Atlas on a shared cluster.